Cause of cracking of LED lamp housing

- May 22, 2017-

1. Repeated use. Repeated use, the product in the continuous high temperature effect, the product molecule will occur fission. The molecular chain breaks and splits, and the material becomes low molecular material, and the materials become brittle.

2. The stress is too large, and it is divided into two kinds. First of all, the shape of the product itself and the size of the mold design and the stress produced by the demoulding, secondly, the external stress of the product, the stress is too large, the molecule will break.

3. Environmental factors. Acidic alkaline environment, strong ultraviolet rays, high and low temperature effects, so in the use of the process in particular to pay attention to the impact of the environment.

The 4.PCB board or power supply is not aging leading to a crack before the lampshade is closed power supply and PCB board in the aging of some parts will release some organic volatile gas, its contact with the PC will lead to material degeneration and cracking, so the PC on the environment has a requirement, should first product aging and then buckle together led fluorescent lamp shell.