Comparison between LED lights and ordinary lamps

- May 22, 2017-

At present, the advantages of LED lights and ordinary lamps are as follows:

1. Energy saving.

2. Long stature.

3. Good applicability, because the single led small size, can be made into any shape.

4. The answer time is short, is the NS (nanoseconds) level of answer time, and the general Luminaire is MS (ms) level of the answer time.

5. Environmental protection, no harmful metal, waste simple recovery.

6. The color is gorgeous, the luminous color is pure, the spectrum scale is narrow, and can pass through the red and green blue three colors into colorful color perhaps white light.


1. The price is expensive.

2. There is still a great distance between the optical power and the theoretical optical power currently available.

3. There is still a great distance between the current and theoretical stature (10w hours).

4. There is still a certain calorific value.

5. Light decay can also be reduced by large fluctuations.

However, these defects can be improved by the skills to overcome, so even if the current LED light source can not completely replace the existing traditional light source, but with the development of skills, the future must be led nationwide.