How to clean the LED lampshade?

- May 22, 2017-

In addition to the more complex chandeliers, ordinary household lamps, LED fluorescent lamp cover can be cleaned their own, the diluted after washing fine poured on the rag, two of people to cooperate, you can put the dust on the LED solar chimney wipe clean. In cleaning the lampshade, different materials can be used to clean the lampshade, if it is glass lampshade, removable, with a special cleaning glass soft cloth wipe.

For stubborn stains, can smear toothpaste in the LED fluorescent lamp cover repeatedly wipe, face the cloth is not enough to the dead corner, can also use toothpicks to remove dust, material easy to produce static electricity, can also be sprayed on anti-static spray, it is necessary to note that you have the best choice in the morning to clean up, so after a day of drying, evening lamps, lampshade completely dry, can prevent the short circuit due to damp.

At the same time, it is noteworthy that the process of the LED fluorescent lamp cleaning must pay attention to safety issues, such as the electricity can be disconnected first, if it is 24 small time are used in the LED daylight lampshade, then you can use a hair sweep, please sweep the cleaners gently, you can remove dust.