LED Candle Lamp Detailed overview

- May 22, 2017-

LED Candle lamp: a kind of light bulb, because its shape and candle flame shape is similar to the name, light for the yellow soft light, with a candle flame sense, and no danger, can be used safely, the bulb part of the use of LED bulbs, to give you a safe and secure situation.

The built-in light bulb, as long as three small lithium batteries, even if continuous use for a long time, will not be the case of overheating. The LED candle lamp includes a candle-shaped lamp body, a lamp holder connected to the lamp holder and a luminous body placed inside the lamp, which is characterized in that the two electrodes of the luminous body are connected to the corresponding electrode of the lamp Led led respectively.

As a result of the use of LED as light-emitting body, so that candle lamp is very energy-saving power and long life, high brightness, light transmission effect even, while the lamp body does not have to use glass-made vacuum bulbs, you can choose materials such as plastic production, so that the lamp body is not prone to damage, more.