Main parts of LED lamp kit

- May 22, 2017-

1. Aluminum: General aluminum Part of the use is also divided into two aspects, on the one hand, the aluminum-plastic tube half of the PC lampshade, half is aluminum, and not on the one hand is the plastic tube inside the aluminum, its role is to play a cooling effect.

2. Dome: The plastic extrusion process is usually made of one-second cover or full plastic tube shell.

3. Plugging the head: At the end of the lamp has a lamp, the current general plug is also plastic, of course, some customers need metal plugging head.

4. Light Source: Led fluorescent lamp uses the light source has the straw hat head and the SMD lamp bead Two kinds of models, among them commonly used SMD lamp bead has 3528, 5050, 1W high-power and so on.

5. Other accessories: screws, power supply and so on.