Application Of LED In Urban Green Illumination

- May 22, 2017-

The application of LED illumination technology in urban street lamp renovation, Road street Lamp is the foundation of city illumination, is also the most crucial part of city illumination system, doing well the street lamp transformation work of City Road plays a key role in realizing the green illumination of city.

The application of LED technology to the reconstruction of urban Road street lamps can reduce the energy consumption of urban lighting system to a great extent and save a lot of money for the city lighting.

At present, the urban street lamps in China are mostly high pressure sodium lamps, which is unfavorable to the conservation of urban energy and environmental protection, compared with ordinary road street lamps, LED street lamps are not only luminous efficiency, but also emit more natural and stable light, can realize the whole process of continuous dimming, according to the concrete conditions of the road to adjust the intensity of light and luminous angle, to create more suitable conditions for the road, thereby reducing the occurrence of road accidents.

If all these high-pressure sodium lamps are replaced with LED lights, then these LED lights will save a huge amount of social energy and capital for the city every year.