Application Status Of Domestic LED Lighting Lamps And Lanterns

- May 22, 2017-

China's large-scale lighting market, products to incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamps and other traditional light fixtures, according to the number of sales lamps, LED lighting in the general lighting market share of less than 1%, still far from becoming mainstream lighting products.

LED lighting application in China in addition to street lamps, tunnel lights, etc., overall, the application lags behind in Europe, America, Japan and other major lighting markets, the application market also needs to support and promote, in addition, compared with the demand of the market, in the standards and norms of implementation is still insufficient, has led to the promotion of lighting applications caused obstacles.

According to the National Semiconductor lighting engineering Research and Industry Alliance survey, 2010 China LED lighting lamps in the current major types of lamps have applications, including LED spotlights, tube lights, bulb lights, straight tube lights, flat lights, street lamps, tunnel lights, etc., the largest number of the replacement of incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamp bulb lamp, accounting for 41%, and then the spotlights and tube lamps, respectively, accounted for 28% and 12%.

From the preliminary statistical results, the 2011 product structure and 2010 compared with the change, LED bulb lamp proportion to further increase to 46%, spotlights, tube lights accounted for a lower share, the proportion of straight tube lamp has a greater increase.