LED Bulb Lamp Product Characteristics

- May 22, 2017-

1. Lamp beads: The use of 1 watts high-power led, single led Power 1 watts, and light soft, pure spectrum, luminous efficiency, the traditional energy-saving lamp luminous efficiency for 50-60lm Watts, and my company's bulb lamp Tatsu 90-100lm watts.

2. Lampshade: The use of high transmittance pc materials, light transmittance of up to 95%, illuminance uniformity is good, no irritation to the eyes.

3. Heat dissipation device: The lamp shell uses the aviation Seiko vehicle Aluminum Vehicle processing, the heat dissipation and the heat conduction performance are superior. The use of hollow heat conduction design, increased the heat conduction surface and air contact area, heat dissipation effect, and in the lamp bead and aluminum substrate contact surface using heat-treatment paste bonding, to the light bead cooling.

4. Driving circuit: The first stage complete isolation room design, with over voltage protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protection functions, safe and reliable.

5. Lamp socket: Applicable to the global range of voltage, can be flexibly replaced for E27, E26, E14 and other different specifications of the lamp, easy to install.