LED Lamp Shell Product Customer Crowd Analysis

- May 22, 2017-

1. Brand, some customers like the boys to buy clothes, just buy a brand, the reason I believe we all know, the first quality is good, the second after-sale has protection, but this kind of customer is not bad money, have strength.

2. Quality, the highest cost-effective, this customer's heart is very clear "a penny a penny" principle, is generally the kind of honesty in the engineering of the majority of customers, your product can protect him 3 years of quality, price according to good material costs + labor costs, generally this kind of customers will directly to find reputable manufacturers cooperation, the price will generally be much cheaper than the brand, quality also get customer satisfaction.

3. Price, some customers lower end products, the price is very low, the hope is the lower the better, this kind of words are basically the low-end products, is also particularly prone to quality problems.