Selection Of LED Lampshade

- May 22, 2017-

First of all, understand the LED lampshade of different materials to bring the decorative effect of which, on-canvas led lampshade gives the impression of simplicity and elegance, the lampshade of the paper can create a hazy and dreamy atmosphere, the metal material lampshade has a cold tone of temperament and modern sense, and the drum-shaped lampshade brings a nostalgic feeling.

Secondly, according to the shape of the lampholders to select the Dongguan led lampshade, if the lamp holder is curved, then the lampshade corresponding to the choice of the style with some curves, the lamp holder is flat line, the choice of a more regular shade, if the lamp looks thick, you can choose the cone of the lampshade, to reduce the

Finally, in the color as long as a little attention to it, white lampshade light penetrating good, can and crystal base collocation, create crystal clear effect; black and color of the relatively light penetration of the less, can be light downward radiation, so that the local light is strong, can and bronze base collocation.