The Story Of LED Point Light Source In Hangzhou

- May 22, 2017-

The G20 summit will be held in September 4-5th in Hangzhou, at night by the Qianjiang New town, people can always see 700,000 led Point light source, in 35 buildings between the control through the 4G signal, staged more than more than 24,000 square meters of Disney, 20 national flag and other international elements represented by the large-area theme lighting show. Look forward to the G20 summit, also sigh the magic of the development of science and technology, at the same time, the public more on these flashing led point light source to form a gorgeous landscape lighting effect praise.

LED Point Light Source is a new type of energy-saving decorative lamp, using LED cooling light source, built-in micro-computer chip, can be arbitrary programming control, multiple light source synchronization changes, monochrome changes can be synchronized colorful gradient, jump and scan, the full color of the water lamp change effect and a number of LED point light source composed of dot matrix screen, can vary a variety of pictures, text and animation effects, is a linear light source and floodlight lighting a supplement.