Why LED Lighting Is The First Choice For Metro Lighting?

- May 22, 2017-

Because of the design requirements of Metro lighting:

1. The subway distribution system is complex, the fluctuation of the voltage is frequent, the working voltage of the luminaire is wide, the lamp is more stable, the LED lamp can be 100-240v even 85-265v the input voltage range.

2. Subway lighting is used in closed space, lamp working time is longer, generally is more than 17 hours, the traditional lighting in this environment is very big, and led bare light source at the junction temperature of the lower normal work, can do 5000H no light failure, the whole lamp heat treatment can achieve the basic 5000H optical decay less than 1%.

3. Traditional lamp service life is short, need to be repeated maintenance, will bring a huge workload and a certain degree of difficulty to the subway operation, led has more than 50,000 hours of stable life, and can be designed as a simple maintenance method, so that the daily maintenance volume greatly reduced.

4. Electromagnetic interference on the subway communication equipment will have an impact, particularly near the location of the train operation, to avoid electromagnetic interference is very important, excellent scheme design can be LED lamps produced by electromagnetic interference control very low.

5. As the subway of the tunnel traffic, the operating area is full of wave-type vibration energy, the shockproof performance of the luminaire is very important, the LED has a unique luminous mode, and the luminaire can be designed into a special aseismic structure.

6.LED light fixtures have a very wide range of design options, enough to create a unique subway platform atmosphere.